We have lift off

Okay, so the reason it’s taken me so long to get the new blog up and running, is because I wanted to use WordPress, but it seems you can’t run two blogs from the same e-mail without downloading some random thing, knowing me I’d get a virus so I didn’t want to download anything. I used an old e-mail address which I no longer have the password for but the emails are meant to forward to my current email address, but they e-mail with the password confirmation thing never came. So I’ve basically just made a new blog on tumblr.. it’s probably about the 8th blog I’ve made on there, and I really prefer the layout of wordpress for a ‘serious’ blog, but there you have it.

the URL is helyercreative.tumblr.com  and I’ll probably make my first post tonight and then hopefully spruce it up a little bit and then get scheduled posts at least once a week. So if any of you guys use tumblr, please follow my blog on there, or at least check it out in a few weeks, give me some feedback etc etc.

Also, since my last post, I have been offered and am a week into my first graphic design job [real life paying job, not placement woo]. So I did 2 days with Brand 68, because I actually got offered the job with another company on the first day of my placement with Brand 68, so I started my job the following week. It’s a part time position with a photography company in Barry, so I’ve kept my Nespresso job for the time being, and we’ll see what the future holds.

So that’s me. Follow my new blog to see some amazing and interesting and sometimes boring snippets from my graduate life, and i’ll probably return on here to read people’s blogs that I follow, but may not post anymore


Ruby – helyercreative.tumblr.com


New Blog

I’m 99% sure that since my degree finished in June, not a single 3rd year student has been back on WordPress. And since summer began no second or first years that I follow have been on either. Due to the fact that this blog was created entirely for my degree, I don’t want to continue using it. However I do really enjoy blogging and actually have about 6 various other blogs on tumblr. I’ve decided I’d like to make a new blog, more related to the professional side of my graphic design lifestyle, as well as with other lifestyle, travel, cooking, etc related things. Almost like a real life adult blog, for all the world to see. As soon as I’ve created it and got a URL and made it a little pretty, I’ll share the blog on here so anyone who cares to follow my post-university life, can.

If anyone cares what I’m doing these days, I haven’t found a graduate job, and I’m working for Nespresso at the weekends. Design Stuff has taken a break over the summer and we’re not sure what’s happening when we return, so I haven’t done much of that for a few months. I have had an abundance of interviews, although recently not so many. I’ve applied for probably hundreds of jobs, and spoken to a huge amount of creatives who have all been wonderful and helpful and kind [big up to Graham from Sugar Creative, Renato from Haum and Duncan from Elfen, who I met in various places throughout the creative community, and then met all at once at Kin+Ilk’s portfolio grill a few months ago. All have been super helpful and welcoming!].

I’ve been slowly slowly teaching myself how to code. Following on from Matt Leighfield’s coding workshops I jumped into with the second years. Still trying to crack it but probably getting ahead of myself trying to learn responsive coding before I know any real code [also big thanks to Pete Withers-Jones who took about 4 hours out of his evening to teach me so much about coding!]. Also I’ve been attempting to freelance, using client sites such as Upwork and PeoplePerHour. I’ve so far only completed one paid job on there, but I’m still looking. I’ve done one pro-bono piece for a friend of a friend, and finally potentially got a placement with Brand 68, although scheduling differences may be a problem.

I’m going to Berlin next month, because when I went in first year with Uni I loved it so much but the cold was so horrible [-8 degrees!] and I’d vowed to myself to return during a summer, so hopefully that’ll be really fun and inspirational, and help me somehow make my future move to Berlin [girl can dream]. I’m still looking for work almost every single day, whilst also trying to make the most of all this free time I have. Catch 22 that I have so much free time and so little money, but once I have a job it’ll be the other way round. Also I’m getting a car next month so I can finally go on mini breaks or adventures with my boyfriend and go visit uni friends who have moved back to their hometowns or around the UK, and also gives me another leg up to getting a job now i won’t have to rely on public transport anymore!

So as I said, I’m planning on making a new blog, and I will definitely post it on here because a few people have said they like my writing, and I think it’s a really great thing to have to look back on in the future.

Ciao for now. x

Homemade website

I’ve been teaching myself HTML/CSS since university ended [along with German – I’m now 14% fluent according to Duolingo! Ja geneau, Ich spreche Deutsch! translation: yes exactly, I speak German!], so I’d made myself a very basic website. Drawn up how I wanted it to look at the end result, but not knowing how to get to that place.

Today I went to Matt’s workshop, and have since applied what I learnt to my own website, and now it is starting to look pretty awesome. I’ve only really done the home page, but it won’t be too hard to apply it to the other linked pages too…

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 15.29.04

Obviously it is very far away from being a professional or working website, but I am beyond proud of myself. It’s annoying that it has taken leaving university to push myself to do work of my own accord! Here’s to hopefully getting a job within web design one day!

Advanced Coding workshop

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.50.43


Bless his little heart, only two people showed up for Matt’s advanced coding workshop. I bumped into some 2nd year friends who I knew were signed up to it and they had no idea it was on, luckily they are able to come to the second half anyway.

I’ve been teaching myself html and css since we finished university, and I really feel like I’ve benefitted from that during this workshop today. This is a screen shot of my website with all the HTML and CSS done on it. CSS is more of a struggle with me as I’ve done less of it, but Matt gave us worksheets to work through and I found them so helpful and pretty easy.

The next step of the workshop is learning jquery, which I’m not entirely sure what it is, but as I was ahead of the other students in the class I thought I’d try out the worksheet for that, as of yet, it’s gone wrong and I can’t figure it out, so it’ll be good to be taught what goes where and how to make it work.

Learning to code is something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time, and I’m so happy I finally have the time and patience and lack-of stress levels to teach myself.

Summative Assessment Questions

1.     How did the choices of projects you made, help you plan for the future?

The majority of my projects had little to no relation to each other in terms of mediums and how they were presented, so it hasn’t directly helped my future plans in terms of where I play to head on to, but a lot of my topics were similarly and loosely  linked around the idea of feminism. So in that sense it has helped me keep in the back of the mind about the fact I am a female graphic designer, and I can aid that to my advantage in the industry I work in, also it means I know to be cautious on how I could potentially be treated.

The reason I often didn’t make projects of the same mediums, was that I wanted to keep my options open for the future. I am never sure exactly what route I want to take, but I know I enjoy print, video, photography, and have always wanted to get into web design/building. And these ideas have always been in the back of my head. I have never done any app creation, because it simply doesn’t interest me to work with.

2.     Which piece of work or project best represents your ambition? Why?

I think, either SSP or Penguin, because they both involve print media, which has always been something I’ve preferred over digital media. Also, being able to use photography and typography a lot has always interested me. Photography is something I always want to keep high in my skill set, so I really enjoy creating projects that means I get to use those skills.

3.     Which is the most memorable, interesting idea in your work?

 For me, the most memorable and interesting idea was the SSP project. Because it is so focussed around my main research subject of feminism/successful women. Although to other viewers I don’t know if this project would be as interesting. I think the A2 milk project or the Nibble project both had interesting and memorable ideas within the project, but the outcomes themselves aren’t necessarily interesting or memorable, as I didn’t give myself enough time or dedication to make them that way. I think given more time than the A2 milk project would have been extremely successful and memorable.

4.     Which is your most appropriate solution to a communication problem?

 The SSP publications to me were my most successful project in terms of communicating an idea. The entire project was created in order to educate, inspire, and empower women and young girls. I think the colour themes are entertaining and the short bursts of information throughout the publication successfully spread information. As these publications are also posters in their own right, they can become a permanent piece of design communication that empower people who surround them.

5.     Give an example of work formed or influenced by your research, by your dissertation topic, and/or contemporary culture.

 Again, I’d like to talk about the SSP project. As the reason I chose the subject matter of female prize winners, was entirely influenced by the recent submission of my dissertation, entitled An Analytical Study of Females Within The Graphic Design Industry. I also think contemporary culture naturally influences my work.

Coding/Web design

I’ve wanted to learn how to make websites for SO long, since I was about 11 years old, in fact. I used to draw out designs for my myspace layouts, and find div layout templates that were as close to them as possible. I learnt very basic coding through doing this at age 12/13. And also applied the coding I learnt to a blogging site I had called Matmice. I learned how to change font sizes, colours, how to make them scroll around the page, scroll boxes, bullet point lists, links to other pages, images, etc etc. And then as I got into school and further through my education, I was not so interested in it, or the tools I used no long existed. Matmice was taken down a few years later, and myspace hit its demise when Facebook grew. I even used to design bebo layouts for myself and my friends, but this involved no coding, and merely just making images to the correct sizes. I set up a page where I’d offer random strangers to request custom made bebo layouts [or ‘skins’ as they were called], and all I’d ask for in return was credit back to my page. I probably made hundreds. This was about where my love of graphic design as a young teenager ended. I hated graphic design at school, and hated it even more at college, both due to the teachers I had and not feeling like I was learning anything beneficial [jokes on me, cause I remembered about Live Trace from my college graphic design class for something I made in my SSP project]. When Matt offered the coding workshop in first year I was excited to try it again, but everything had changed so much since I taught myself that I felt well and truly in under my head, and didn’t really do anything after that. He offered another coding class a few weeks ago and I jumped at the chance. I felt it was so much more beneficial now that I was a seasoned vet of uni and knew a little more about everything. I finally decided to make a post about coding, basically just screen shots of what he taught us during that session. But I’ve decided I’m going to teach myself how DreamWeaver works. I do believe it’s slightly less complicated than traditional coding, but it seems like a good start. And then I think next week there is an advanced coding workshop with Matt again, so hopefully I can put my skills to the test.

The main reason I’m doing all of this, is that I had a job interview last week, and one of the things they wanted me to do if I got the role was to build websites – something I clearly know very little about. Long story short, I didn’t get the job because they found someone else who could do it better than me, so I figured what’s stopping me from learning how to do it, so I can get the job the next time around?

And of course, it’s a good thing to learn new skills and refresh the mind constantly, especially now I have no more university projects, and don’t yet have a job in the field.

These images are screen shots from the last coding workshop with Matt. It didn’t all go right, but we worked through html and css and got the basic ideas down.



Today is the day that my final printing arrives and depending on what time it arrives, then I can finally put up my show. I have finished everything needed, other than completing my PDF portfolio [and online one, too] and completing the label for the show. I want to take photos of my artwork exhibited to use in my portfolio and the show label.. HOPEFULLY I can finish everything today and just simply hand it all in tomorrow. We shall see.

On an even more positive note, I random acquired a job interview for a graduate designer position, it all happened very quickly late on Tuesday evening, and the interview was confirmed by yesterday morning, and today I’m having the interview. It’s for a company called Geolang which is a start up company based about 5 minutes walk from my house [amazing], they deal a lot with digital security, which shall be interesting. On top of a job interview, I also had a house viewing yesterday that went incredibly well, so potentially going from no job and no house, three days later I could potentially have both. wahoo.